• Tommy Cappel

What year is it again?

The years are flying by and the music keeps coming! 2017 was another stellar year at the studio. It all feels like a blur, but this is my best attempt at recalling what the heck happened this year.

It was a year in which I saw my personal compositions eclipse the 300 episode mark in tv and film use. Highlights include episodes of NBC's "The Voice", "Pawn Stars", and "Real Housewives of somewhere or other". This is something I have kind of quietly been working on over the years during downtime. I find it to be a very relaxing and rewarding thing to create and record these instrumentals and hope they can find their way into a tv show or movie.

2017 allowed me to meet and work with some very talented artists. One major highlight includes the release of Frontier Folk Nebraska's "WARPIG" EP. These guys have quickly become one of my favorite bands in the area. The songwriting is excellent and the guys in the band are great dudes and easy to work with. Since the EP release the band has recorded new material and we are working out mixes for a future release in the upcoming year. Make sure you check them out and buy their stuff!

Spring saw a reunion and new cd release by my old band from the Ohio State days "Rookie". It was a lot of fun to get back together with those guys and work out some new tunes. I feel very fortunate to have developed strong friendships over the years through music. It is truly a uniting force and something I don't take for granted. Nurture those old friendships! They are invaluable. You can check out the album "Daredevil" here.

In late 2016 my good friend, Dusty Bryant, approached me about producing and engineering his solo album "Good Show". Having high regard for Dusty as both an all star musician and marvelous human I jumped at the opportunity. We proceeded to get together on a regular basis throughout the spring and summer churning out what I believe to be is a very solid effort. I think it's safe to say that we even exceeded each other's expectations. The emotion and sincerity in Dusty's voice throughout the album is undeniable. Drummer Mark Becknell and violinist Dawn Weast added their talents to the project to complete the picture.

Undeniably 2017 was a fine musical year here at the studio. It was a privilege to have some new faces in the studio. Talented folks like Ellen Mershon, Steve Shaw, and The Cook Trio to mention a few. It was also a pleasure to continue to work with artists like Queen City Sliver Stars, Josh Eagle, The Klaberheads, Andy Mihaly, Chad Stamper, Motel Faces, The Peaks, Attenion Deficit Squirrel, and Full Moon Ranch. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your loyalty and how much I enjoy working with each and every one of you!

It's always inspiring to hear the art that people create and their angle on the process. I enjoy every aspect of it and am honored when people choose to record at Cappel Recording Studio. Here's to a prosperous new year! Rock on. -Tommy

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